Welcome to the Empire

Faceless is a hardcore progression guild that is dedicated to approaching MMORPG’s with a speedrun mentality. Through superior knowledge, organization, dedication and a desire to be the best we attempt to complete MMO progression faster than developers ever intended or even thought possible. We are always looking for like minded players to join us. Typically for the launch of a new MMORPG, a fresh server or a new expansion we aim to maximize our playtime with most members playing for 16-20+ hours at a time with minimal breaks until progression is complete. Once progression is complete we focus on running weekly raids as quickly and efficiently as possible, enabling us to clear more content in less time than other guilds and allowing our members to assume a more casual schedule.

If you’re interested in pushing the boundaries of MMO progression, check our branches below to get involved. To see more about our history check out our “Accolades” page above.

Selo - 20th Anniversary TLP
April 17, 2018 in Selo 20th Anniversary TLP

Selo – 2019 Recap

The last server to reach live was the Combine server which launched in 2006 and completed it’s progression by reaching Secrets of Faydwer.  They’ve added 12 expansions since then so…
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September 7, 2018 in Agnarr News

Record Breaking Luclin Launch

Coming into Luclin we had some unfinished business. Due to some miscalculations we missed the Luclin completion record by about 11 hours on Lockjaw, but this time we did the…
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September 7, 2018 in Lockjaw News

Dragons of Norrath Destroyed

In keeping with tradition our team on Lockjaw cut a swath through Dragons of Norrath as soon as it opened. This was the second expansion that launched at the same…
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September 16, 2018 in Pantheon News

Pixel Debauchery & Pantheon Radio

Pixel Debauchery & Pantheon Radio released a feature length (over two hours!) episode exploring the record breaking history of Faceless. This episode includes interviews with Sieger, Shucklighter, Ashenor, Chint, Citidal…
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