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Achievements, Accolades and Publicity

Over the course of the past eight years Faceless has amassed a small horde of achievements, accolades and publicity. For the sake of keeping them all in one place, they’re listed here.¬†We also boast nearly 100 server firsts across Agnarr and Lockjaw. On the EQ Test server we progressed through 16 expansions and we have awoken the Sleeper three times on three separate servers.

Everquest Records

Classic Completion – 9 days, 6 hours, 8 minutes
Kunark Completion – 4 days, 4 hours 38 minutes
Velious Completion – 22 hours
Luclin Completion – 39 hours 24 minutes
Phinigel Autropos – 53 hours 20 minutes
Lord Nagafen – 40 hours
Lady Vox – 44 hours
Cazic Thule – 108 hours 28 minutes
Eye of Veeshan – 9 days, 6 hours, 8 minutes
Phara Dar – 4 days, 4 hours 38 minutes
Emperor Ssraeshza – 5 hours 44 minutes
Emperor Ssraeshza (in room) – 45 hours


IGN does a series about the worst rewards in video game history. Our footage of the Sleeper encounter was used for the #1 Worst Reward slot.

CNN does an article about Kurt Schilling and Everquest. In the article they link to an old video of us raiding Lord Nagafen on the Vulak TLP Server.

Kotaku does an article on “The Legendary Unkillable Dragon” Kerayfrm. They use footage of one of our Sleeper awakening raids.

PC Gamer does a series on the top 10 hardest MMO bosses of all time. They laughably pick Venril Sathir as number one and use our VS video for the fight.

Faceless was among the first to ever stream Pantheon Pre-Alpha gameplay, watch NickHots video here

Pixel Debauchery and Pantheon Radio explored our record breaking history in Everquest in their documentary on Faceless here:

Video Games the Movie used our raid footage during its MMO sequence. see 53:05 and beyond

nerdSlayer used our raid footage throughout his “The Loss of ‘Wonder'” video.

Our Agnarr raiding was mentioned in a Satirical Newsletter for Pantheon

Our stats are listed on the Everquest section of Speedrun.com

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