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  1. Donovan Kindell

    Donovan Kindell New Member AGNARR APPLICANT

    Discord Handle (include digits): Dono1338#5268
    Character name:Takerof
    Race:Dwarf (the only race..)
    Total AA:68 ( I know rec is 100, that should be done this week, I have a warrior with almost 500 aa's Bard with 200+, Pally with 200+, the list goes on)
    Notable Items: I paid 10 dkp for a "Root" in an LDoN as for notable mmmm nothing on this toon

    Describe your play time. Which hours are you generally able to play and how many nights a week are you generally available to raid?
    Currently I am fairly open, career change has me in school a few nights a week but other than that I am open.

    How much experience do you have playing this class?
    Played a rogue back in the day (20ish years ago along with Monk, Pally, Warrior, Druid, Shaman, Chanter, Bard, and Ranger), just getting back into the game since I quit at the end of Kunark orig. its been like an all new game to me.

    Why do you want to join Faceless Empire?
    Shayner#0337 is in the guild and he recommended it, basically said the guild was full of good peeps.

    Please list the names of any Faceless members who will vouch for your competence and skill (if you don't know any that is fine):
    Describe your raiding background, include notable guilds you've been a member of and all content you have raided previously:
    Defiant Kings - Charge the Lair - 4th Meal - play in those guilds on Bard/Shaman/Ranger/Druid/Monk - Do time multi times a week.
    Describe the most challenging raid encounters in which you have actively participated and describe your role in those encounters:

    Describe your personality:
    Easy going, fair, honest, and overall easy to get along with, I have been a raid leader in WoW in the past and currently enjoying just following instructions and getting objectives done.

    Tell us something about yourself that has nothing to do with EQ:
    I was on the pre-order list for my Tesla model 3 since day 1, it took 2 years 2 months 17 days before I got it ... :p worst 2 years ever...
    After 15 years of running an Internet company in Oregon I decided to after taking my first vacation in 15 years to put in my 2 weeks notice in Dec. and now I am reinventing myself and going back to school.
    I have 5 cats ... one weighs 28 pounds ... oh and I am married, my wife is also a crazy cat person.
    Do you play with Luclin models? If yes, why?
    I six box and on 5 I use old models and on 1 I use new models... really just for something to look different.
  2. Onna

    Onna Raid Baby Wrangler Staff Member OFFICER AGNARR MEMBER SELO MEMBER

    Discord request sent, please accept and we can discuss your application.
  3. Onna

    Onna Raid Baby Wrangler Staff Member OFFICER AGNARR MEMBER SELO MEMBER

    Trial invite extended - welcome to the Empire!
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