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    Discord handle TheBen #6383
    Class Mage/Shadowknight
    Level Both 65
    Race Human/Ogre
    Total AA: 100
    Notable items Mage is mostly time geared/ shadow knight needs gear badly
    My playing time varies do to the kind of work I do. mostly I can play 7pm central time to 11pm central time. Weekends is random Life can get busy!
    Got them both to 65 so that has to say something:)
    Looking for a guild that I can group with/ not just raid with.. Also be nice to make some friends!
    I have raided quite a bit. Mostly as support class. Raided with dsr quite a bit, but schedule conflicts I had to leave, late night raiding got me in trouble at work. FoV.. Was not weak geared friendly and no one ever wanted to group outside of raiding. Zurdula just started having to many rules and some rules were not even posted. Good people just dont want this game to be a job, I wanna raid and have fun.
    I am a quiet player, I dont talk on head set but listen intently.. Dont really care how people talk as long as the job gets done!
    Outside of eq I am a very busy man,I am in charge of a large cosmetic department 15 plus guys that work for me and my job is detail oriented and so much stress. I come to eq to have fun not dive in to more stressful environment. I will stress this, I do not enjoy being a group leader or be in leadership roles. I do that enough in my work life.
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    Benlgon or Binbad sorry didnt add character names in that mess.
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    Hello - could you please complete the application using the template posted here: Application Template (please copy/paste it) and put in your answers. Thank you!

    I will be around all day today so once you have done that please message me on discord and we will process your application prior to raid time this evening.