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  1. Chapoh

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    Discord Handle (include digits):Chapoh
    Character name:Chapoh
    Race:Half elf
    UNBUFFED HP/MANA/AC:4637/3743/425
    Total AA:83
    Notable Items:ssra honor bracer/ earthcaller whip./ narandi/epic'/wormhusk belt/fire ring
    Best trade skill and skill level (N/A if none):fletching 144

    Describe your play time. Which hours are you generally able to play and how many nights a week are you generally available to raid?
    when ever I'm off work I'm playing, I'm on mtn time usually home around 5pm can be some late nights. I like to play daily
    How much experience do you have playing this class?
    I have several months worth of raiding a ranger.

    Are you willing to participate in a mobilization system (Batphone)?
    Why do you want to join Faceless Empire?
    I want to join faceless because I like what youre doing and I think I could be a great asset to the team. and I like good lewt
    Please list the names of any Faceless members who will vouch for your competence and skill (if you don't know any that is fine):Lain

    Describe your raiding background, include notable guilds you've been a member of and all content you have raided previously:
    fallen council, I've raided up to depths of darkhallow. I have done a lot of raiding on different content PoP Ldon being the most I've played I came from phinny and after omens came to play time for ever cuz its da best raid
    Describe the most challenging raid encounters in which you have actively participated and describe your role in those encounters:
    Vallon zek. to many squishy tanks I was ramp tank paladin so I always pulled the mob and healed / ramped
    Describe your personality:i can be hilarious and joking a lot and don't mind to be joked with. just like everyone else I have a limit to full asshole

    Tell us something about yourself that has nothing to do with EQ:i like diesels. mmmm the smell the taste the texture of it.

    Do you play with Luclin models? If yes, why? yes because I prefer the look over the classic models
  2. Chapoh

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    Discordhandle: Chapoh#4205
  3. Lain

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    Glad you decided to post an app, thumbs up from me.

    Chapoh is my friend, we used to treasure hunt on phinny server
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    Sorry for the delay Chap--discord friend request sent.