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    PRF Official Forum Name: Delrone
    PRF Pledge Level: PathFinder
    Discord Handle: Delrone#6511
    Projected Main Class (if known): Druid/Healer
    Time Zone: Central Standard (CST)

    How much time will you be taking off from work/school/whatever when PRF launches?
    Whatever it takes. I have at least weeks of vacation and backup if I need it.

    How many hours a day will you be willing to play PRF during this time off? Are you willing to commit to playing in a static group?
    - 20 hours more? Multiple days in a row non-stop. As far as a static group I would love one, its the preferred way to go about it in my mind.

    What's your expected PRF play time once your schedule returns to normal? How many nights a week will you be available to raid?
    I do have a day job but I not much outside of that. I work from home quite a bit and will be on right after work. If I had to estimate 40-45hours+ week. I will be available at least 6 nights a week

    Are you willing to participate in a mobilization system (Batphone)?
    Absolutely, I sleep by my computer. I'd say I set up my room in preparation for this.

    If your pledge does not include testing access, do you plan to upgrade it to include testing? If so, which phase of testing do you expect to join?
    I currently have Beta testing access. Even though I do not believe in paying to test someone else's game I am willing to do it in this situation. If alpha testing is required for membership I will consider it.

    Why do you want to join Faceless?
    I'm not interested in being 2nd. If I play this game I want to play at the highest level possible.
    A few more reasons.
    Organized, efficient, fast-paced and serious.

    Why should we accept you as a member?
    -I'm an all or nothing person. I'm going to go hard or not do it at all. In this case I'm going hard.
    -I was a part of Faceless on Lockjaw. Some applicants and names here are familiar and that makes me happy.
    -I have a proven track record of playing at a high level that parallels Faceless accomplishments. Many are the same.
    -I was late to classic but I caught up fast. I was there for plenty of Vox and Naggy contested runs.
    -I was there for Bee island when testing out the first MoTM NPC buffs that were overly stupid. But we killed it anyways. No one else would achieve this until the MoTM buff was reduced.
    -In Kunark and was there for every kill (barring VP as druids hellah suck in Kunark); Killed Trak 175 times to keep out the competition.
    -Halfway through Kunark, I became the druid class lead
    -Velious I was there for every first
    -Luclin again there for every kill
    -Planes of Power there for every kill

    List the names of any Faceless members that will vouch for you (put N/A if none):
    I've known Citidal for quite a long time.
    Others that will vouch for me that have been referenced on this forum:
    Silinius- Guild Leader of FI on LJ
    Candae- Officer of FI on LJ
    Methodone - Officer of FI on LJ

    Methodone also asked I write this on my application:
    "Delrone is the reason I joined Faceless" - Methodone, Faceless Asylum of Ragefire, formerly Faceless Insanity of Lockjaw.

    Describe your raiding background. In which MMOs have you raided? Provide server and guild names, and list all content you have cleared.
    My main expeirence has been everquest. Original and TLPs
    Vanilla everquest I was in plenty of gimp guilds and some raiding guilds on The Rathe Server. Champions of Norrath, Noble Blade, Tindi Losi, El'lar Dubluth. At that point WoW came out at that point and many left including me. Cleared up to Time in Planes of Power
    World of Warcraft - no notable guilds I did some instance raiding but nothing to call home about
    Vanguard for a year. Raided a bit but we all know how that game turned out =/
    Everquest TLP (Vulak): League of Grand Adventurers, cleared classic, kunark, velious, luclin, PoP and cleared up to some entry encounters in Gates of Discord
    Everquest TLP (Lockjaw): Faceless/ Faceless Insanity - cleared classic, kunark, velious, luclin, PoP

    Describe the most challenging raid encounters in which you have participated and explain your role in those encounters.
    I love to sleep. So going days without it is challenging to me lol. Farming VP keys for four days straight knowing that your class won't be needed was difficult. Again with VT keys and Planar progression in PoP. I'll be honest most of the raid encounters especially with Faceless seemed fairly easy since we were organized had a strategy and people followed directions.

    If one encounter stands out I would have to say the Bee island in classic EQ with the raid boss buff. The bees had a ridiculous aggro radius, their AE was harsh and the range of that AE was even more ridiculous. The mitigation on the mob was crazy and the damage output of that same mob was expansions ahead of its time. We brought it down regardless.

    Which aspect of PRF are you most excited about?
    -The man reason I am looking forward to is playing to win, not paying to win. Classic EQ when you saw someone with full planar gear or their epic, you knew they worked their ass off to get it. It was a statement of a time investment and that people actually liked you enough to help you through your epic quest.

    -Putting MMO back in MMORPG. Most MMOs now don't need multiple players you can solo just about anything. I'm looking forward to building a social network of elite players to take on notable challenges.

    -Im looking for the thrill of open world content which i hope this game will be. Instancing has its place, but Im not for every kiddy gets a participation ribbon.

    Tell us a bit about the real life you.

    Im a software engineer for a tech company. It has a great work-life balance and I'm single. Perfect storm for raiding long nights and odd hours. If im not raiding i like to sleep, binge watch game of thrones, find new places to eat. I plan on working my way around Europe. Started in England last year, this year it will be France.

    I can't wait for this game and I can't wait to kick some ass.
    Talk to you soon,