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Discussion in 'Agnarr Applications' started by Desolett, Oct 15, 2018.

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  1. Desolett


    Discord Handle (include digits): Desolett1 3823

    Character name: Desolett

    Class: Wizard

    Level: 65

    Race: High Elf

    UNBURIED HP/MANA/AC: 6029, 8103, 472

    Total AA: 110

    Notable Items:Wand of temporal power, Spool of woven time, Circlet of flowing time, Cape of endless torment, Elemental Arms, bracers, gloves, boots.

    Best trade skill and skill level (N/A if none): N/A

    Describe your play time. Which hours are you generally able to play and how many nights a week are you generally available to raid?

    Monday through Friday 5pm to 10pm pacific and anytime on weekends.

    How much experience do you have playing this class?

    I’ve played the wizzing class since 1999 it the only class I have really played.

    Are you willing to participate in a mobilization system (Batphone)?

    As long as I’m not at work.

    Why do you want to join Faceless Empire?

    Multiple reasons, first my best friend that I have played with since 1999 is in Faceless. Also from what he has told me the guild is very organized, fast and has good leadership.

    Please list the names of any Faceless members who will vouch for your competence and skill (if you don't know any that is fine): Relek

    Describe your raiding background, include notable guilds you've been a member of and all content you have raided previously: Nightmare asylum, Alter vita, Harmonium, Pravis mortis, Mess. I’ve raided from Classic till underfoot.

    Describe the most challenging raid encounters in which you have actively participated and describe your role in those encounters: Well it seems my active roll has been to sit in the back and blow stuff up... oh and get summoned

    Describe your personality: Outgoing with a sense of humor.

    Tell us something about yourself that has nothing to do with EQ: I have two daughters ages 24 and 23 both in college and a son that’s 17 that is a senior in high school and wife of 25 years. Life is good My other hobby besides EQ is mountain biking.

    Do you play with Luclin models? If yes, why? No!
  2. Relek

    Relek New Member AGNARR MEMBER

    Good to see you app bud. It's about time!! Desolett is a RL friend of mine. He is a good guy and he has been playing a wizard for a long time. I think he would be a great addition to the guild.
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  3. Onna

    Onna Raid Baby Wrangler Staff Member OFFICER AGNARR MEMBER SELO MEMBER

    Hello, I have sent you a discord friend request. Please accept and we can discuss your application. :)
  4. Onna

    Onna Raid Baby Wrangler Staff Member OFFICER AGNARR MEMBER SELO MEMBER

    Trial invite extended - welcome to the Empire!
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