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    PRF Official Forum Name: Rift
    PRF Pledge Level: Pathfinder's Pledge
    Discord Handle: And#0125
    Projected Main Class (if known): Wizard (I hope they do good dps :p)
    Time Zone: PST

    How much time will you be taking off from work/school/whatever when PRF launches?

    I see myself being online every day and all day, especially, if we are aiming for world firsts.

    How many hours a day will you be willing to play PRF during this time off? Are you willing to commit to playing in a static group?
    I will play Pantheon all day, every day. Yes.

    What's your expected PRF play time once your schedule returns to normal? How many nights a week will you be available to raid?
    Every night.

    Are you willing to participate in a mobilization system (Batphone)?

    If your pledge does not include testing access, do you plan to upgrade it to include testing? If so, which phase of testing do you expect to join?
    Yes. I will be a part of the Alpha and higher.

    Why do you want to join Faceless?
    Heard you guys will be taking Pantheon PVE seriously.

    Why should we accept you as a member?
    In the past, I have been a part of many top PVE hardcore guilds that have attained many server first accomplishments. I pride myself on being a member of a serious PVE guild that stands on top of other guilds. I am a min-max/theorycrafter at heart, breaking down the intricate details of my class/character to figure out the absolute limits. Plunging into math equations/formulas and is my passion. I believe, I would be a valuable member to the guild.

    List the names of any Faceless members that will vouch for you (put N/A if none):

    Describe your raiding background. In which MMOs have you raided? Provide server and guild names, and list all content you have cleared.
    My memory is a bit foggy, but I will go through as much as I remember:

    [Addict Guild] Lotham Server, PVE - Hardcore: Rift guild, World #2 Fire Wing Clear, World #2 Earth Wing Clear, World First Laethys and USA #1 Triumph over the Dragon Queen.

    [Ajax] formerly known as [Unity] PVE - Hardcore: SWTOR guild, got a few world #2/#4 raid clears.

    [Vanguard] PVE - semiHardcore: Rift Guild, EU #6 Gelidra and Zaviel clear, #5 Progenitor and #4 Matriarch clear

    Describe the most challenging raid encounters in which you have participated and explain your role in those encounters.

    Shot calling the insanity that is Volan as a healer all the while keeping a scrupulously eye on everyone's hp, it was very rewarding to finally bring that boss to its knees.

    Which aspect of PRF are you most excited about?
    The competitive raid pve aspect.

    Tell us a bit about the real life you.
    I will try and not bore everyone to death. During the week, I spend most of my free time either playing touch football or BBQing with my friends (its a huge deal for my town). Most people I meet say I am approachable and friendly (especially if its about sports). During the weekends, I work on restoring a 1968 Chevy Nova with my brother.