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  1. Kilav

    Kilav New Member

    Discord Handle (include digits): Valik#2705
    Character name:Kilav
    UNBUFFED HP 3597 AC 433/504
    Notable Items:
    Best trade skill and skill level (N/A if none): NA

    Describe your play time. Which hours are you generally able to play and how many nights a week are you generally available to raid?
    Usually on around 8pm EST + nearly every night of the week.
    How much experience do you have playing this class? Warrior was my first class on release in 99 as well as in open beta p4 '98.

    Are you willing to participate in a mobilization system (Batphone)? sure, Whatsapp?

    Why do you want to join Faceless Empire? Scorpio and a few other members saw i was looking for a guild and directed me to Hanna. After speaking with Hannah and tagging along with the team, everyone seems to be great people and work well together efficiently.

    Please list the names of any Faceless members who will vouch for your competence and skill (If you do not know a member please contact Vash in game): Attended a few raids the past couple days, tank boss would be able to let you know the details on competency.

    Describe your raiding background, include notable guilds you've been a member of and all content you have raided previously:
    During release i played on Tarew Marr as a Warr and then Rogue in kunark and beyond. During that time i was in both Awakened and Enlightened Dark, top guilds on the server competing for OW mobs up until just before LOY when i took a break. I came back during VOA as a monk during free heroic toons. after reaching max level i started doing open raids with Freelance. During that time i was approached by a new guild just forming, Return of the Exiled, to join their raid team and have raided up until current content. Return of the exiled is a current top end guild, finishing EOK 6th overall and looking to improve on that. Raids on live have become overly complex and repetetivley drag. I played on Ragefire as a shaman in Darkwind for a while in Velious but the euro raid times did not jive.

    Describe the most challenging raid encounters in which you have actively participated and describe your role in those encounters:
    Multiple server first with past guilds in era in classic content. Current content in top 6 or so guilds to complete consistently. More often then not was MA on current content raids.

    Are you keyed for Sleepers Tomb?
    Describe your personality:
    not hard headed and can take advice. though im sure i can be an asshole to?
    Tell us something about yourself that has nothing to do with EQ: 33 y/o married, 2 kids

    How many cats do you have?
    0 but the restaurant down the street i heard has delicious ones
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    I was in Enlightened Dark on Tarew Marr, who were you there, Awakened was not really that close :).
  3. Lorglath

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    Red Eye Alliance on Tarrew Marr - Represent!
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