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    PRF Official Forum Name: Kobin
    PRF Pledge Level: Will be champion pledger after latest live stream
    Discord Handle: Kobin04#4050
    Projected Main Class (if known): Direlord/Warrior/Cleric (I'm so torn!)
    Time Zone: CST

    How much time will you be taking off from work/school/whatever when PRF launches? I plan to take the initial week off for sure, possibly 2.

    How many hours a day will you be willing to play PRF during this time off? Are you willing to commit to playing in a static group? 16-22 (I'll sleep when I die). Absolutely, I enjoy statics and would be an asset to any group.

    What's your expected PRF play time once your schedule returns to normal? How many nights a week will you be available to raid? I'm very flexible. I work 8-5 M-F and typically go to the gym 4 days a week. If raids occurred on a gym day, I would simply go in the morning. I'd realistically be available to raid 6 nights a week.

    Are you willing to participate in a mobilization system (Batphone)? Absolutely, just like the old EQ days! As long as I'm home and available, I'm more than willing to hop on and help out.

    If your pledge does not include testing access, do you plan to upgrade it to include testing? If so, which phase of testing do you expect to join? Alpha testing.

    Why do you want to join Faceless? I've been a member, officer and leader of well established and accomplished guilds; honestly, it's the only way to go! I want to be on the fore-front of PRF content and I feel like I'd be a valuable asset and vice-versa.

    Why should we accept you as a member? I'm loyal, dedicated and will learn my character inside and out. I'm always open to suggestions and will help coach other players if/when needed. In me you'll find a valuable tank/healer with high play times and always willing to help.

    List the names of any Faceless members that will vouch for you (put N/A if none): N/A

    Describe your raiding background. In which MMOs have you raided? Provide server and guild names, and list all content you have cleared.

    Vanguard - Unforgiven (leader) and later Pain, we cleared all content the game had to provide.
    EQ - Tindi Losi, we cleared all content up to PoP when I left the game (college)
    Wild-Star - Ghosts of Nexus (leader), we cleared all content up to the 40 man raids (Datascape)
    Star Wars - Archons of Light (leader) cleared Hard mode SOA and hard mode Jabba until game fell apart.

    Describe the most challenging raid encounters in which you have participated and explain your role in those encounters. Honestly, I would have to say some of the Wild-Star or Vanguard raids. In Wild-Star I played MT (Stalker) and many of the fights required mass coordination of stuns and mechanics. Wild-Star brought more action-like combat to the genre which you either love or hate. Vanguard one of the most fun encounters in my opinion was Dressla, as a DK, I was able to grab the adds and keep myself mostly healed while we burned them down. Kotasoth was another great fight, switching MT's to counter the death curse was always great. I play tank/healer in most games.

    Which aspect of PRF are you most excited about? Everything! I remember the old school feeling of EQ. Running home or skipping practice just to play (I'm oldish, 31). I want that in a game, vanguard was close but I think PRF will get me right in the feels. I'm very excited to see how weather will play into the game mechanics.

    Tell us a bit about the real life you. I'm fun, outgoing, enjoy long walks on the beach.....lol. I'm 31, I live with my GF and her 2 kids (11 and 15) and our 2 dogs; an Akita and Old English Bulldog. I try to stay active, I regularly attend the gym, love poker and video games! I'm a huge sports fan, in the fall you'll occasionally hear me yell a Go Pack GO!!!!
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    Approved. Welcome Kobin.