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    PRF Official Forum Name: qtpie
    PRF Pledge Level: Advisor's
    Discord Handle: Deception
    Projected Main Class (if known): CC + Healer box (Or one or other if cannot box two; prefer healing)
    Time Zone: EST

    How much time will you be taking off from work/school/whatever when PRF launches?
    I work two different jobs from home currently. That being said, I will be heavily focused on PRF when it launches. This can continue for some time, basically indefinitely. I essentially respond to emergencies at a commercial office building (there aren't many, I mostly have to drive, unlock a door, leave), and conduct IT research for a think tank of sorts. I have had incredibly high DKP amounts in games past such as EQ OG, EQ TLP's, EQ 2. Although DKP was not used in Archeage and BDO, we kept attendance records and in AA particularly, I was always the top in my guild. I live with a guy who pays for my bills. Teehehe

    How many hours a day will you be willing to play PRF during this time off? Are you willing to commit to playing in a static group?
    7. Of course, this is why I'm here.

    What's your expected PRF play time once your schedule returns to normal? How many nights a week will you be available to raid?
    7. Sometimes randomly subject to change but most likely no less than 5.

    Are you willing to participate in a mobilization system (Batphone)?
    Yes, I prefer this method. In AA we used Slack, BDO discord, etc etc.

    If your pledge does not include testing access, do you plan to upgrade it to include testing? If so, which phase of testing do you expect to join?


    Why do you want to join Faceless?
    I want to kick ass and take names. I am an efficient, effective player in most mmo's I play and seek to surround myself with like minded individuals in this regard. I know some of ya'll have a sense of humor and that's a plus.

    Why should we accept you as a member?
    I'm a qtpie. But not in all seriousness, I'm chill, reliable, helpful, a crafter, a power grouper, etc. Plus I like to shoot the shit and have funsies.

    List the names of any Faceless members that will vouch for you (put N/A if none):
    Lorglath maybes?

    Describe your raiding background. In which MMOs have you raided? Provide server and guild names, and list all content you have cleared.

    EQ 1 OG, Prexus 1999-2006? Keepers of the Faith, full clears, competitive, Druid, until DoD
    Went to undergrad
    Played a bunch of mmo's casually after college
    Archeage, Kyrios, PRX / NaCL, "content" is a subjective term here, but I was a council member as one point of PRIX, I eventually left and started a giant war, long story LOL, then rolled Pirate, p2w'd my ass off and joined NaCL, took over the server, literally the entire West and East faction had to 'roll Pirate' to 'form a super guild' called Player Faction to have any chance of beating us in a PvP fight, this 'Pirate Civil War' 'era' went on for about two month and we eventually won due to attrition, but it was certainly back and forth. I was a hardcore player and PvP oriented player. I did not 'farm' or any of that shit, kill kill kill.
    BDO, Gravity / Manup, "content" is also a subjective term here, but we held castles and decimated the PvP scene in this game, made it to level 61.
    EQ TLP Agnarr, Flames of Reverence, cleared everything etc etc, but semi casual guild, then again I didn't want to be a super competitive raider on this server, although I always strived for BiS and Krono farming etc etc.

    Describe the most challenging raid encounters in which you have participated and explain your role in those encounters.
    I'm going to list an encounter which isn't entirely a PvE or merely PvP encounter. I'm going to list two actually.

    Archage, NaCL vs Player Faction (Player Faction was Gank Bus + PRX + West + East) @ Kraken, 16 hour + PvP fight, full Naval Combat, role as Soothsayer healer hybrid utility melee dps (p2w gear could be two roles at once at same effectiveness as normal player):
    Basically Kraken gets used as an NPC weapon against the enemy raid forces. My job was to, along with Ntax, our PvP leader and Kraken tank, keep him alive through bomb heals, while an entire enemy raid tried to assassinate us, also melee dps to defend him when needed (epic greatclub + epic shortspear weapon swaps for bomb heals > melee dps, epic shield t6), so that he could use the Kraken as a weapon. It's far more complicated than that, and this lasted for basically 2/3rds of a day every week. I've been a part of lots of purely PvE encounters that were incredibly challenging, nightmare mode SWTOR stuff etc, all bs compared to the depth and multitasking required here. Enemy guild uses Kraken against us as well. Flanking, out flanking, etc, months of this war. The second encounter is in Archeage, same guilds, as the Ghost Ships. Always incredible, deep complex battles. All determined by who had the superior tactics mostly. Sometimes sheer numbers. I am a utility healer player who is keen at multitasking dps roles. This has always been my strength.

    As far as a purely PvE game that was difficult, there was always difficult encounter in EQ 1 in KTF. Most notably Time I guess, when we first broke it? Idk I was really young.

    Don't hate me for playing Archeage we all make mistakes LOL.

    Which aspect of PRF are you most excited about?
    Roleplaying as an elf. Kidding. Hmm, honestly so many aspects. Mostly AI NPC's, disposition system. I think that will make things really interesting. I'm sure crafting will be cool etc. Also the atmospheres. Fucking dope ideas all around.

    Tell us a bit about the real life you.
    Well I manage a commercial office building for an investment group, which allows me to work from home for a portion of my income. On top of this, I conduct cutting edge IT research for what is basically a think tank research group that then sells research packages to tech companies to improve products coming to market. I edit and proofread documents from China, Taiwan, Singapore and India from their bad translations into understandable language as well.

    I'm also an artist and make all sorts of things.

    I'm a female gamer and... stuff. Pretty chill 420 friendly introvert.

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    Hey Qtpie, I can't reach out to you in discord unless you add the numbers in your handle. For instance, mine is @Zaide#2494
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    It's Deception#5118 - I played with them in a previous guild. Highly recommended.
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    Bloop Deception#5118, sorry was away for 2 days.