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  1. Yawg

    Yawg New Member

    Discord Handle: Yawg #5961

    Character name:

    Class: Shaman

    Level: 65

    Race: Troll

    UNBUFFED HP/MANA/AC: 4379hp/4880mp/449ac

    Total AA: 111

    Notable Items: N/A I’m not well geared. Coolest item I’d say is Regent Symbol of Innoruuk for snare, but anyone can get that. Coil of Twisted Platinum Wire is probably my best single piece of equipment.

    Best trade skill and skill level (N/A if none):

    Alchemy 300

    Describe your play time. Which hours are you generally able to play and how many nights a week are you generally available to raid?

    I work nights starting at 10:30PM. Generally play weekdays 2pm – 10pm and weekends. I can probably raid 4-5 nights a week.

    How much experience do you have playing this class?

    I’ve always played Shaman as my main. Very experienced with the class.

    Are you willing to participate in a mobilization system (Batphone)?

    Yes. When I’m free I can respond.

    Why do you want to join Faceless Empire?

    I’d like to join the premier raiding guild on this server.

    Please list the names of any Faceless members who will vouch for your competence and skill (if you don't know any that is fine):

    Candyman & Thracian <--- Haven’t talk to either in a bit

    Describe your raiding background, include notable guilds you've been a member of and all content you have raided previously:

    I was with Immortal Knights for a bit. Didn’t raid that much with them.

    Describe the most challenging raid encounters in which you have actively participated and describe your role in those encounters:

    Malo & slows are the goto necessities for my class in raids. Really don’t recall and specially challenging raid encounters.

    Describe your personality:

    Super geeky, I but I think that’s a given for anyone playing eq this late in life. I’m pretty funny, but super shy at first, but open up pretty quickly.

    Tell us something about yourself that has nothing to do with EQ:

    I love Magic the Gathering. My names based of a character in the stories. Surname: Moth for Yawgmoth a dark entity/god-ish being.

    Do you play with Luclin models? If yes, why?

    Yes. They are auto-turn on and did not think/desire to turn them off.
  2. Yawg

    Yawg New Member

    I reluctantly withdraw my application. Thank you for your consideration. I've decided to move forward with a different guild selection.
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